TREC Holder - Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited



Mr. Syed Sajjad Ali Zaidi


Mr. Syed Sajjad Ali Zaidi is a graduate from University of the Punjab. His experience in the local stock market over 18 years. He is active in extensive retail and institutional clientele operations in the company and develope the idea of on-line trading. He actively manages portfolios of several high net worth clients with the help of modern techniques. He is also responsible for enforcing the risk management measures and implementation of strategies for securing the investment of the clients.

Mr. Syed Kaleem Haider Zaidi


Mr. Syed Kaleem Haider Zaidi holds a degree OF Bachelor of Engineering (BE) from N.E.D University Karachi. He has worked for different organizations such as Pak Saudi Fertilizer, Pakistan Steel, and Pakistan Customs. Since 2014, He started the business of real estate and construction. He is one of the driving forces in the real estate market with a variety of residential and commercial projects. He also has experience in capital markets of more than 30 years.

Mr. Muhammad Shehzad Haider Zaidi


A Finance Professional with 14 + years of impressive experience in handling high and low-end aspects of financial accounting, reporting taxation, and auditing.

Currently Conducts preparation and review of materials used in the financing of clients, including investment memorandum, management presentations. Develops relationships with new and existing clients in order to expand the business. Performs due diligence, research, analysis, and documentation of live transactions. Develop recommendations for product offerings for institutional clients.

On the back of successful investment and client management strategies for the past 3 years, He serves the clients at 128 Securities (PVT) LTD with utmost objectivity.